Spring Special


Early bird Special April 1st to April 30th

Tune ups Starting at

Push  Mowers                        $ 40.00

Riding  Mowers                     $  90.00

Zero Turn Mowers                $   110.00

Tillers                                           $ 55.00   

Golf  carts                                          $  75.00        

Lawn Mower Needing a little Attention


Lawn mower not running or not running right ?

Blades and Belts needing replaced ?

Leaking tire, or a spring tune up ?

Golf Cart a little under the weather


Not running as it should ?

Needing a tune up ?

Batteries, tires

lights , brakes

Motor attention ,rebuilt or replaced

American Made Mower Blades


 Standard and high lift  blades Starting at   $  9.00 

Gator/  Mulching blades Starting at  $14.00

Spark plugs  j19lm and  rc12yc  $1.25 each

Checkout al of our low priced  parts